Refund Policy

iNoble’s Refund Policy

Our return policy is valid for two months. If it’s been more than two months after your purchase, we’re afraid we won’t be able to give you a refund, but we can offer you an exchange. To claim a refund or replacement, the digital access code you received must be intact.


We’ll drop an email after we get your return application to let you know it’s been received. We’ll certainly inform you whether your return has been permitted or dismissed. If you’ve been approved, your return will be issued and credited to your bank card or initial mode of payment within a certain amount of time.

Refunds received late or not at all

Double-check your bank if you haven’t gotten a reimbursement already. Afterward, contact your card provider; the return may take a while to show up on your account. Consulting your bank will be the next step. Before a reimbursement is issued, there is usually some transfer processing before the payment is released. Even when you’ve undertaken all of the procedures mentioned but still haven’t gained your return, please get in touch with us using the information on this page.


We only replace digital codes if they are broken or faulty. If you need to swap it for the same item, please shoot us an email and we will look into it right away.

Gifts Voucher

A gift voucher will be issued to you after the returned item is received unused, If the product was designated as a gift when ordered and mailed out, you’ll get a gift voucher for the value of your return. If the product was not marked as a gift when ordered or the gift provider had the order forwarded to them to deliver to you shortly, we will provide a reimbursement to the person giving.

Procedure on how to make a cancellation:

Students should write to iNoble’s support by emailing  as soon as possible, giving the reasons for withdrawing from the course, and uploading evidence to support their claim.